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Sunday, January 5, 2014

Everything is a Teaching Moment

So, a few weeks back, our dryer broke, AGAIN!!

After awhile finally got somebody in to look at it. it would have been $1300 to fix it, so off shopping for a dryer went the baby and her daddy, they went out of town Friday, spent two hours and picked out a dryer.  Because we'd had to go to the laundry mat the week before, hubster chose to bring the dryer home himself instead of having it delivered so we'd have immediate access.  When they got ALMOST home, a tractor trailer goes flying past so fast that the wind from him raised the dryer out of the truck and went flying all over the bypass.  $679 down the drain, that quick.  

When I got home, they couldn't wait to tell me about what happened.

Yesterday went shopping for another dryer, but that's not the point of the story.

The lesson: Babygirl got to see another example of daddy and mommy maintaining their cool even in adverse situations. My prayer in all these situations is that she takes the little things and files them in the life lessons category and continues to heal, knowing that we will not give up on her or get upset over the little stuff that past families may have been exasperated with.  We want to teach her problem solving skills rather than melting down over problems.

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