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Sunday, January 5, 2014

Bucket List

Sometimes achieving goals isn't the ultimate goal. Depends on 1) whether you were meant to do that and 2) whether you can raise the bar. Anticipation is many times much better than the actual moment. Life is a little like Christmas. We look forward to achieving certain goals, doing certain things, receiving certain items and once it's there, it's just there. Christmas Eve has always been better than Christmas Day because of the joy, air of excitement around, lots of fun and banter, rather than everybody spending time with their material things they've looked forward to receiving all year. 

Life is like that too.Accomplishments do not bring joy, unless it's your purpose on life. The journey to those accomplishments, how you achieve them, the relationships along the way, etc and seeing progress is what's important. 

I don't say this to diminish the importance of accomplishments. I think ANY thing you do you should give 100% and not be a quitter. Don't give up, achieve your accomplishments, but always want to go to the next level. Always have something to drive you forward. 

So, I'm making a bucket list....things I want to do before I die & things important to me that I have done. 

Anyway, my point behind putting what I HAVE done and not just what I WANT to do.....take the time to count your blessings when you think you haven't accomplished anything or when you feel like you have no purpose, look at the things you've done that bring you joy, maybe you can find your purpose there

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