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Saturday, January 4, 2014

Mean or Spoiled?

She still hasn't come out with what's bugging her. She's being a sweetheart and apologized several times and said she really doesn't know why she did that.

The morning after the crazies, she didn't get up until noon.  I had to work but daddy kept checking on her.  Finally he got her up at noon and told her if she would hurry and get up and get ready, he'd take her to lunch.  Sometimes she'll open up when they're riding in the truck.

She still says she doesn't know why, but feels really bad about it.

He told her she needed to think about and let us know whether she prefers to be mean or spoiled.  She said spoiled, definitely. He told her it couldn't be both ways, that all of us prefer she choose spoiled, but we weren't going to spoil a mean daughter.  We would tough it out and never give up on her, but it would be needs, not spoiling.

I got home and while I was cooking dinner, she came up to me and hugged me tight and apologized. I asked her what she was sorry for because I wanted to make sure she got what we were upset about. She understood.

So things have been good again since then.

She almost did a typical tween snap last night and daddy just smiled and said "Mean or spoiled baby".  She started giggling and said "SPOILED!!" She says she knows she's spoiled rotten and loves it.

We ended the last couple nights with our bedtime stories.  Still on the Weird School series about the little boy Arlo.  We love those books. Dread finishing them.  Any good tips on the next series to start together?

What we've loved reading together (we prefer light at night):  Dork Diaries, Dumb Diaries, Weird School, Wimpy Kid

Funny how the weird school series started.  Book 18 is called Ms Yonkers is Bonkers. Because our cats name is Bonkers, we got it for kiddo for her birthday and labeled it from Bonkers. Turns out the main character is Arlo (our dogs name). They're hysterical and the little boy is so cute and funny, like our puppy would be if he were a 2nd grade human.  A little young for us, but we love them.  It's small chapter books for when kids first go to chapter books, but so daggone funny and perfect for us.

I love my kid, it's nice to be back on the loving list.

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