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Sunday, January 5, 2014

Better Late than Never!

I'm usually all over creating my new years resolutions prior to the new year starting, I get overly excited about a fresh start.

Hubster was laughing at me when I got my new calendar. I caress it, smell and touch the pages and can't wait to put my first notes in it.  Yeah, so I'm weird, but it's just something about a fresh start that feels so good.

So, why in the world is it the 5th of the month and I haven't posted or even made resolutions? What is wrong with me? Other than spraining my ankle, getting sick, doing normal mommy stuff, etc.

Well, better late than goals for this year.
Remember, goals must be SMART: specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and timebound to succeed.

  • continue to work on attachment parenting, my measure of success will be decreased meltdowns and increased communication (so proud of how much progress my baby girl has made over the past year)
  • be the best wife I can for my hubster by listening and spending more time together
  • reduce my size by 1 dress size minimum this year (baby steps, it seems doing big steps there stresses me out too much and I give up too quick) by better eating and increased movement
  • payoff at least 1 bill to make more disposable income to enjoy our 'lil family
  • do more as a family than our Friday night dinners out, keep an eye on community events and activities we'd all enjoy
  • 15/15 housekeeping and get kiddo involved in helping around the house this year a little, last years goal was primarily bonding, but she needs to also be taught the things to run a house, little at a time until she's grown
  • get kiddo into an activity, she needs it for her esteem as well as to give her a distraction from stressing over her baby sister so much
  • make a sizable bonus for 2014 and participate in monthly incentives every month
  • be a good leader for my team at work, get our branch successfully running and proper teamwork, follow up constantly
  • start a savings account for kiddo
  • consistent savings for us as well, $1 first week, $2 second week, etc.
  • contribute to an area of passion (ie, kids backpack program, holiday gifting for kids in needs, foster support)
  • be the best me that's possible

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