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Sunday, January 10, 2016

Why don't I have a hope chest?

After baby sis went back to residential, she'd taken most of her stuff with her, but left some behind with the family she was with, who wanted her to come back.

When they found out she wouldn't be allowed to come back to them, we arranged for us to get baby sis's personal items.

Of course, kiddo, being the typical big sis, wanted to go thru the boxes and check out her stuff.  Of course, me, being the nosy butt, let her, lol

Some treasures from that home, but then all the sudden a random item.....a pizza cutter.

and then measuring spoons

Huh? A few weird items that aren't something normally in a kids treasure box.

Kiddo said "My weird sister, why would she have kitchen items and flower pots?"

I jokingly said "Well, maybe they started a hope chest for her there for when she grows up".

Guess who wants a hope chest now?

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