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Friday, January 1, 2016

Last Years Resolutions and how I did

  • ·         Ramp up my parenting for attachment—occassionally I forget the trauma that my baby has experienced and I parent her like I would a bio child instead of working for attachment.  While we are attached, she’s not yet 100% secure in her attachment, so I need to make sure I parent her at her developmental level, not her chronological age.  (by the way, I'm a firm believer that attachment parenting is good for bios too, it's just not required the way it is for a trauma child)
I I think I did pretty well with this. We have our moments, but I think I'm overall a pretty good momma for her needs
  • ·         After I realized I had failed to achieve my goal last year of opening a savings account for kiddo after getting her birth certificate and social with us as legal parents, I opened up the savings account since posting my failure here. My goal for this year is to put some money aside for her future.
I I put aside a little bit (baby steps) each paydate in an account for her.  Twice during the course of the year, I put in an extra tad for her.  Year one of saving for the baby accomplished.

  • ·         Savings….need to work on that for myself as well. I love spoiling our kid and I tend to spend more than I should. I need to work on regular savings for ourselves as well.  52 week challenge would be great. $1 first week, $2 second week…..
I We spend way too much money.  We do have more in the bank now than last year this time, however, it's all committed because of the crazy renters that trashed my mommy's house.  It's all pledged for, but it's for a good cause.  Our child will have a nice house already when the day comes
  • ·         Be mindful of my eating habits. I didn’t hit my goal last year of reducing a dress size, but I will this year. How I’ll do that: incremental habits that I can live with. If I maintained last year, just small changes will get me to goal this year and make this a lifestyle I can live with.
I I suck. Just suck. That's all I can say. On the flip side, I recently started water aerobics, I think it'll turn into better choices as time progresses.
  • ·         Making memories, too often I’m inclined to get a rut, decide to rest up on the weekend, but I have time to rest when I’m dead. Making memories as a family is important to me and I don’t want to look back with regrets when I’m on my death bed. I didn’t have the first 11 ½ years of my daughters life. While recharging and rest is important, enjoying each other also is.  We will do things as a family to build connections and memories.
Kiddo broke her ankle and had surgery in March.  We weren't able to get to the beach until October because of her ankle and mobility, however, I still think we did pretty well with this.  We have an entire scrapbook of things we did in 2015.  

What all we did: Cherokee (different vacay than normal), 2 road trips to see family for graduations and checked out things nearby as ankle permitted, momma/daughter nail time so daddy could go see Bill Maher, Mannheim Steamroller, Nutcracker, paint your own pottery, 3 visits with baby sis, museum trip, OBX, real fireworks on July 4th, and lots of little things....making smores in the firepit for one, toy drive, visit from Germany uncle, etc.
  • ·         Contribute to an area of passion throughout the year, not just at Christmas (ie. Toys for tots at Christmas I always excel at, that’s not my only passion though and I can do better here and will in 2015!!)
I I never found where to contribute to backpack program. I WILL do that this year.  I did a couple small things, but not any more than usually and not amused with myself

  • ·         Make better bonuses EVERY quarter this year than I did at my previous employer. Enjoy the rewards and make those bonuses count and not nickel and dime them away   Get kiddo involved in an activity to get her out of the house and interacting with peers and improve her self esteem
Circumstances beyond my control prevented this last time on the bonus, but the others were better and yes, totally making them count!!

Kiddo activity: enrolled her in piano lessons since no bullies there, leg thing caused a snag there, but she's starting to venture out and hang out with different kids, so this is good

  • ·       Payoff a bill this year and free up more memory making money. We tend to not snowball our debt as we should. We have no car and house debt anymore, so I think we think because it’s “little” stuff that it’s okay to owe, but that’s crazy talk.  Going to work on this this year!
did this, still room to go, but less bills anyway! 

·         Be the best me that’s possible!

I have my days ;)

So, how did you all do with your resolutions? Do you make them? Do you grade yourself?

I give myself a B-

Parenting things are the most important things, so while I missed more than a B's worth of tasks, I hit the critical items.  

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