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Friday, January 8, 2016

It's a Hard Knock Life

That's my earworm of the day

We went to see Annie on Broadway last night.  We love doing shows like this as a family, but this one was beyond excellent.

The kids were amazing, the show was well done and well, the story is close to my heart.

Like Warbucks finding Annie, we found our "Annie" at age 11 shortly before Christmas as well.  Our kiddo, like Annie, has a beautiful head of red hair.  Our kiddo, like Annie, would feed the stray dog before herself.  While our kiddo wasn't in an orphanage, she was in a residential treatment center, not with a family and both roommates with friends and bullies.While it was for Christmas, it was also adoption day and she got a puppy for her adoption, just like our kiddo did.

Yeah, kinda hit close to home.

Kiddo didn't seem to get triggered. She was sad when the dog had a threat of being put to sleep (both of us), but I cried like a baby when they thought they'd found Annies parents and Daddy Warbucks wasn't going to be able to adopt her.

A couple things I noticed prominently that I may not have focused so much on if I didn't have a similar child.....

When Daddy Warbucks wanted to give Annie a locket and tell her he wanted to adopt her, she was wearing the locket left by her parents.  He didn't know it was a special locket and she screamed and started running off because she was mad at the idea of taking it off.  She did, however, tell him quickly why when asked.  I told kiddo she could take a lesson from that scene, that like Daddy Warbucks, we don't always know a trigger, but we will always try to make things right when we hit one.

Daddy Warbucks was so good about letting her love her parents, even though he wanted her for his own daughter and moved Heaven and Earth to make her happy.

In the end, when the fake parents showed up, I think deep down Annie knew.  She was struggling with leaving Warbucks and when it came out they were fake and her birth parents were dead, she embraced Daddy Warbucks and they of course, no doubt, will live happily ever after, with a few trauma moments behind the scene that we will never see.

The toughness, willing to run away to get into a good situation, her protectiveness over the little one in the show and her willingness to believe things could be good again, all qualities of our kiddo.

So yeah, while it was amazingly done and lots of funny scenes, it was also a tearjerker for me and meant a ton.

We didn't take a friend to this one, so the money we would have used on a ticket and meal for friend went to extra souveniers for kiddo.  Spoiled a ton!!

Cost of our night:
price of 3 front row tickets to the show
price of dinner for three in upscale Mexican place
a near midnight night on a school night
a ton of gifts, but


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