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Friday, January 1, 2016

Blank Page

There is just something so refreshing about starting a new year.  The promise of things to come, the reenergizing of motivation.

It really doesn't make any sense though. New Years Day is  no different than January 2nd, or March 29th or November 1st.  It just feels like you've put down an old book and picked up a new book with fresh pages.  I love to feel the new pages in my day runner, with nothing written in them yet, imagining all that I'll fill those pages up with. I even like the smell of a new calendar.

and this is why I relate it to books. I'm that way about books too.

Do you set resolutions? So many do and fail.  So many don't and make fun of those who do (I don't get that, at least somebody wants to try to change things).  And then there are those that mean it.  If you're going to make a resolution, make it SMART.....Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Timebound.

Make sure you are focused on what you want to do, that you will be able to tell if you succeeded or not, that it's possible and set a time you want to complete it by.  It doesn't have to be December 31st.  That's my timeline for my 2016 goals, but you don't have to set goals on January 1, nor do you have to end them on December 31st, but work towards what you want, with purpose and passion.

All that said, I'm jotting down my ideas of what I wish to accomplish in 2016 and how.  Putting them in writing holds me accountable.  I always fail at some, but I can't succeed at that which I do not try.  I hope to achieve more in 2016 than in the past and be a better person overall.


  • Parenting for Attachment--so much progress has been made with baby girl. I want to continue this progress and not let myself be an obstacle in her healing, to understand the need behind the behaviors, help her identify and respond to triggers appropriately and help her be the best her that she can be
  • I refuse to say I'm going on a diet, I don't even remotely feel it yet, but I will say I will work on finding that mojo to want to do that and that I will do what I can to make progress in this area.  I will find a way to be 2 sizes smaller in 2016.  I've recently started water aerobics with kiddo at the local Y.  I have water aerobics gear in my amazon wish list for when summer gets here and I have the support needed to succeed with this.  I also will reduce number of meals out for lunch at work to improve my overall food intake.
  • Get kiddo a passport, one day we really do want to go to Germany and visit brother in law and his future wife.  We can't do more than dream if we don't take the first step towards reality.
  • Become a core branch by the end of first quarter. What this means is achieving specific goal at work that puts me in the next tier of bonus earnings.  I want to maximize my earning potential and put those bonuses to work for long term results, and not nickel and dime them away.
  • project organization--very overwhelmed in my own home lately, it seems too full to me
  • Create good memories as a family, not taking time for granted, but enjoying what life and each other has to offer. I don't want our child looking back and saying "We never did anything together" or "we just sat around watching TV" or "Friday nights were the only times we did anything" (our normal family night to do to dinner together)
  • Be the best me that's possible.

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