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Saturday, January 23, 2016

Needing to be a healthy mom....

I've had back pain since 2001, increasing over the past couple years to high levels.  My primary doc sent me to pain specialist. He looked at my MRI and asked me a few questions and what he said really struck me weird, but sorta hit home for me as a possibility. He said I definitely have degenerative disc disease but that the description of my pain didn't match that, that it appears it's my muscles that are causing the pain more than the discs. After a few more questions, he said he'd almost bet that I have sleep apnea and muscle fatigue as a result of that and sent me back to my PCP to look into it, saying injections wouldn't help long term.

I had my first sleep screening and got the results Thursday. The doc said I had 200 "events" (and described what she meant, but most I didn't understand), but short version is over 30 points to sleep apnea and while it didn't appear I ever quit breathing (thank God), that I have significant sleep apnea and will be going to a full sleep study next before determining best course of treatment.

Both doctors said this can: reduce the # of headaches I have, reduce my back pain, reduce my fatigue, reduce my blood pressure, increase my energy, decrease depression and anxiety and help me sleep better and even help me lose weight.

I'm so ridiculously excited to have a diagnoses thats fixable!!

And better yet, all my problems at once!! lol

I need more energy. I feel like I could be such a better momma and wife if I could just not feel so fatigued constantly.

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