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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Panic Attacks

Babygirl had her first panic attack at school today.

The nurse called hubs because she had a panic attack in gym class. DH didn't hear the phone ring because it was last period and he was in the car rider line waiting on her.

I asked what happened and she said she wasn't sure.

She said nothing had happened to trigger it.

I asked if she was thinking of the concussion at the end of last year and she said that wasn't it, that she was just sitting there thinking and all the sudden had a panic attack. I asked what she was thinking about and she said her speech she has to give Friday in English class.

So, maybe my baby had a panic attack over public speaking. Still scary though, because that's never happened before and that scared me to have her scared like that.

What are some relaxtion tips you use with your children to prevent panic attacks?

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