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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Birthday Weekend

Time to get caught up.  Weekend before last we headed out of town for the weekend to spend S's birthday with her. Since she hasn't been matched with a family, we wanted to make her birthday as special as possible and we spent Saturday and Sunday with her.

The girls did a great job together.

I definitely am starting to see a little bit of the ODD in S.  She's also starting to refer to us as her family and called my husband "daddy" once.

She wanted a family picture, but we couldn't all 4 fit in a selfie so hubs took a photo of me with the girls piled on top of me. It turned out so amazing that I had it enlarged to an 8 x 10 and framed.

S's caregiver dropped her off Saturday at our hotel and the girls went swimming in the pool at the hotel (whining a little about how small the pool is compared to ours). Then we took the girls out for pizza at a nice Italian restaurant and the girls jumped on the bed for awhile to wear out the energy when we got back to the room.  S asked if she could stay the night if they forgot to pick her up.  Poor baby.  Of course they didn't forget to pick her up, but when we told her of course we wouldn't put her on the street if they didn't pick her up and she'd stay with us, she was hoping they would forgot.

Sunday morning caregiver dropped her back off. We went to Build A Bear and the girls got matching bears. They recorded their voices on each others bears so they could go to sleep with the sound of each others voice.  Then we went to Johnny Rockets (S's favorite restaurant) and dealt with a little more of the food challenges.  Dave & Busters was next and the girls had a blast.

We loved the weekend and so proud of the girls. Ever prouder that neither of them had any backlash afterwards. PROGRESS!!

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