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Tuesday, August 12, 2014


S's profile has been updated with adoptuskids and a photo I took is the new photo. 

See if you notice anything?

S is a loveable, playful and active child who especially enjoys playing outdoors and having plenty of one-to-one attention from parent figures. She loves to read, enjoys puzzles, bike-riding with family, swimming and building things. She loves dogs and hopes her future family has one. She especially enjoys large, outdoor dogs. She needs warm, down-to-earth, easy-going, practical parents who have a very "child friendly" home and lifestyle. The parents' and home's "mood" will rub off on her, so she does not need a tense, anxious, rushed or "don't touch" environment. 

S is generally healthy, but requires a healthy, balanced diet due to a history of pre-diabetes. Fortunately, she enjoys a wide variety of foods, including salads. She can be competetive with kids her age, or younger, so she'd do best in a home with no other kids or only much older kids. Socially, she currently functions as a younger child and this is one reason why she tends to be competitive and have difficulty "sharing", but she does enjoy spending some time with other children. She is a bright child and typically makes good grades, with no IEP. Small, very rural public schools, or small private schools, work best to meet her emotional needs, and also helps her to stay focused on schoolwork, because noisy places and crowds can really be distracting and overwhelming for her. She would feel too overwhelmed in a large, city public school, riding the school bus or attending a daycare center. One stay-at-home parent is preferred in the home, or a live-in or next door relative babysitter if all parents work outside of the home. 

S will need to continue to attend counseling appointments, is on some medications and will need regularly scheduled visits with her biological sister

swimming....we have the pool
dogs...we have the dogs
large dogs...this was recently updated, AFTER a visit with us where she fell in love with our husky
rural...we're definitely that and that's a recent addition
stay at home parent....hubs is that
not riding school bus...we already adapt to that with Char and that's a recent addition as well
not a "don't touch" environment...that's added too and something we've prided ourselves on, faults aside, breaking something is more about is Char okay than what was broken.

Every addition to her profile describes us and it breaks our heart to not know what's best for them and how hard to fight for them to be together or if they're better healing not being together.

If only I could get in their heads and or have a crystal ball. Both girls hands down SAY she should be here.  But realistically? I just don't know. Whether yes or no, we have no clear peace either way.  

If only....

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