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Thursday, August 14, 2014


Depression sucks!!

I've struggled with it for years and have pretty much maintained well after getting assistance for it.

Right now, I can tell both my hubs and my child are battling it. My kiddo has been for years and been on antidepressants for years (although which one has changed at times).  I hate seeing her like this (and hubs).

Then the Robin Williams thing shook me up.

Before baby girl got to us, she'd been reported with suicidal tendencies so I watch her moods and when it seems like she's slipping already, so to see her struggling with back to school and not being her normal self at the same time as a visible suicide, I have been completely shaken up.  Hence my blogging after midnight when I should be in bed.

I got a text from hubs about 4:45 that said CALL ME NOW!!

I called and got no answer at first. I was freaking out.  BECAUSE OF THIS!!!

I was so relieved that it wasn't anything like that, but it was relating to her going bonkers.  He had to pick her up from school because she'd hit herself in the head and knocked her braces loose.  She said it was an accident, but these little things at school have me concerned.

Watching and wishing I could take the pain away from my little family.  I hate this.  As much as depression hurts, I'd take her portion and add it to mine in a heartbeat if it meant she wouldn't struggle.

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