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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Birthday Gifts from former foster/adopt parents

While we were visiting with S, S's social worker came by the hotel before S got there to give us a package for kiddo from her former parents.  M (the social worker) put it in a bag addressed to me so I could screen it ahead of time.  In addition, S's former foster family sent a package to us to give to S during our visit.  We let the SW screen it before S got there.

S opened her present and the card had a note to call them sometime and tell them how she's doing. She said "yeah right" and continued to open present and rolled eyes.

I opened S's envelope and took out the letter and gave her the present. Present was more appropriate than normal. She received a purse, socks and $10.  Normally it's random items thrown together with no thought, so I was optimistic.  UNTIL I looked at the letter.  She's not getting the letter until I'm dead.

The letter was addressed to her FORMER last name!!

Then inside the letter, the abuser was referenced to and she was told he's now a spiritual counselor and loving it. REALLY?

I sent them a letter that gifts are not necessary, but if that made them feel better to at least be respectful enough not to use her former name, that she's embraced her new family and she's no longer a "*******"

I don't understand people.  Really? Why would anybody think that was okay?

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