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Saturday, February 13, 2016

The Aftermath of Abuse

Even after the bonding occurs and your child knows she's not going to be hurt with you, there is still lingering affects years later.

I always suspected one of the behaviors was a direct result (because I have that too), but she actually came out with it to daddy while I was gong on my business trip.

She was binge eating while I was gone and came clean with daddy that it was about making herself less appealing to the opposite sex.  She also closes doors at night when I'm gone and doesn't when I'm here.  (she does still binge eat when I'm here, but apparently it escalated a little while I was away).

She finally knows I'm coming back and doesn't lash out about that, but that poor child still isn't sure she's going to be treasured the way she deserves always.

I have a hard time helping her with that because I get it, and it's why I gained weight too.  (difference was it wasn't family or family friend).  You just do things to make it less likely it'll happen again, whether it's sensible or not.

I wish I could help.

She has visit with psych next week, so I'll mention this because he has a nutritionist on site that may know about this type of thing and be able to help.

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