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Thursday, February 25, 2016

Making Memories and Growing Up

There have been a few moments lately where I'm sad at how quickly our daughter is growing up.

There have been a few other moments where I'm so glad she's still our little girl.

We went to see Disney Live! last weekend.  Before we left, I was a little wistful thinking of how the last AND first time we saw Disney she was 11 and how she's quickly outgrowing this activity.

We told her on the way there that when we have grandbabies we'll need to borrow them for things like that.

Once we got there, the teen girl left our daughters face and she was a little kid.  She seemed to have so much fun and asked for souveniers as if she were 7 again.  (and yes, she got noisemakers, novelty cups of lemonade, cotton candy and a tiara)

I'm so glad we're still making happy memories frequently.  I hope that by the time our little girl grows up and moves out, that we have instilled enough good memories to offset that black time in her life that no child should endure.!

(and as a side bar, how I wish she didn't have crowd anxiety so bad, I'd love to take this 'lil girl to Disney World, I know she'd love it once the anxiety left)

Disney last week, 8th grade dance this week.  Where does the time go?

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