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Thursday, February 18, 2016

Self Care

I'm guilty of not doing self-care

1) Honestly, I love my time with kiddo and treasure my moments and have a hard time spending time away from her

2) It seems like I have so little time

3) I always feel guilty for not being there every non working moment

4) I feel guilty for spending money on myself for things that only benefit me

That said, I know I need "me" time to decompress and take care of myself.

I decided to not feel guilty about it anymore and branch out and do something for myself.

What did I do? Paint and Pinot.  Actually, I skipped the pinot, I wanted my painting to turn out well. My BFF and I went together, had sushi and coke zero and painted pictures of our pups.

Mine is the one on the left. BFF's is the one on the right.

I REALLY enjoyed it. We had so much fun.  I had a hard time convincing myself it was okay to spend $50 on myself for no benefit to my household.  $40 for the painting class, $10 for sushi.  It was worth it though.

As soon as I got home, kiddo said she wants the painting to hang in her room.  I told her she can have it after she cleans up her room.

3 weeks later......

yeah, still waiting.

I'm going to do painting again soon though.

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