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Sunday, February 21, 2016

Pet Adoption

Yesterday, we had a full day and in between scheduled plans, we ran into PetSmart to get some dog treats.

Mistake, lol

Kiddo looks at us with those beautiful brown eyes and points out that the cats don't have an adoption fee for the day.

Yeah, we came home with a cat.

She's a beautiful blue grey cat that looks amazingly like my Pixie that we had back in the early 90's.
We filled out the adoption application and explained to kiddo the process of adopting pets vs kids and when the guy was looking at our application, hubs said "Yeah, we're familiar with adoption, we've adopted an American Eskimo dog, a bengal cat and a little red haired girl"

Kiddo said "Did he REALLY just lump me together with the pets?" and started laughing.  I told her I was sure he was pointing out if we're suitable for adopting a child, it's probably safe to put an animal with us.

New rule came from this though: do NOT take the kid into a pet store.

Pics to follow once she relaxes and comes out of hiding in monkey's room.

The gray one is my Pixie. Maggie looks exactly like this.

Maggie's name at the adoption agency is the same as mine, so we had to change her name. That'd get confusing.  We renamed her ManifiCat and her nickname is Maggie.  

It was love at first sight.

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