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Monday, February 15, 2016

My Baby Valentine

Hubs has always had a tradition of getting kiddo flowers for Valentine's Day and we always get her chocolate and something else too.

This year I added to it.

I read an idea on about putting post it's with things that we like about our daughter on her door each day in February.  That doesn't really work for us since her door stays open and she has a jewelry hanger hanging on her door, but I adapted it my way and every day added one more thing I like about our daughter on a piece of paper.

Honestly, I didn't think she was getting into it.

Very minimal feedback and seemed to just lay there and I added to it each day.

Today, however, I caught her with the paper reading it to Arlo and laughing and smiling about the things we like.

I guess that was a win.

Glad I didn't give up on it thinking it was useless.

and yeah, as typical for us, we may have went a tad overboard.  Her love language is gifts and words of affirmations.

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