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Sunday, April 6, 2014

Her House

So, the renters moved out this week.

In addition, the adjoining church had septic tank problems and had to cut down a ton of trees to replace it. Because their land adjoins ours, they came out to see if it was okay to be on our land when they were working and verify the property line.

Kiddo's response? They're cutting down MY trees!! The renters moved out without warning? How will you all spoil me without that money?! lol

Protecting her inheritance.

Speaking of inheritance, she knows the rental house used to belong to her grandma who died before she got here so she's never seen the inside of the house. She also knows Bonkers lived there and we inherited Bonkers from her grandma.

So....of course, she wanted to go exploring out there.

She kept saying to the pets "Let's go look at our 'inheritage'"  I asked her if she was trying to say heritage or inheritance. She asked me what the differerence was. I explained that heritage is slightly different and more about the traditions and what the items/memories mean because of our relationship and is there whether the person is dead or not, while inheritance is "Mommy and daddy died and left me this house".

Her eyes bugged out and she cracked up that she was getting those words tangled together.

She was totally impressed with the house and said she can't wait to live there when she grows up.  I hope she keeps that mentality. I'd like having her that close.

The funny part was when DH and I started walking home, she asked to stay out there on the porch swing and said "Hey Momma!! When I live out here we can yell back and forth from our porches to each other"

Why is that funny? Mom and I did that when she lived there, as did mom and DH.  Mom would also yell for Bonkers before bedtime and DH would yell back "I concur".


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