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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Easter Bunny

How old was your child when he/she quit believing in the Easter Bunny?

I think Kiddo already knew when she got here, but pretended to believe.  We admitted to Santa Claus after Christmas and explained the tradition and she just bounced off and said she knew because she got WAY more here than anywhere else and we spoil her, but she continues to talk about Santa (also admitted last family told her about Santa as well)

So, this was our second Easter. Kiddo got her weeks confused and the day before Palm Sunday she asked if she could open her gifts before we went to brunch the next day.  I told her it was the next week and she got the giggles.

She was thrilled with her Easter basket and said "That bunny spoils me so much, I'm rotten".  She is and she so deserves it. This year I got a cute letter from her.  Here's her basket. Did the bunny go overboard? I'm starting a new job, I'm going to miss Dollar Tree. I got Webkinz after Christmas there (duck and bunny) and saved them for Easter ($1 each at Dollar Tree, $5-$10 each at Amazon) and a ton of other goodies.

The I'm wrong and I say I never get anything, I jokingly said something at Christmas because she didn't see me open my stocking (which didn't have much in it, only enough to not raise a red flag) and I said "Oh, I never get gifts from Santa or Easter bunny, lol" so she made sure I got something....this and my favorite baby doll of hers, lol (since she doesn't play dolls now, I guess it was easy to give me the crazy Bonita that I think is so silly and cute looking)

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