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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Middle School Drama

Kiddo and a friend were rough housing and the other girl punched her in the stomach. They both ended up getting in school suspension after kiddo reported being punched.

Another girl, N, has been bullying kiddo off and on all year. She's broken 2 pair of her shoes running up behind her and stepping on the back of them and 2 bookbags, grabbing her handle and jerking her around.  We are JUST finding out that she's been bullied by this girl nearly all year and getting hit almost daily.

Needless to say, momma and daddy bear came out with claws and reported this to the principal. We know from kiddo's past that she can be aggressive towards others and has a history of fighting. The zero tolerance for fighting and her desire to be better now that she's with us has equated to a fear of standing up for herself and it's not working for us.

Oddly enough, this girl hasn't gotten any in school suspension or any discipline at all. The principal claims they were just playing?!

and yes, when her and R were playing and it got out of hand and kiddo reported it, they both got suspended. Now that N has been reported, neither do?

I don't get it.  I do get, however, why bullying continues to be a problem.

On another note, the hubs and I went to a great seminar today called "Raising a Non-Violent Child in a Violent World".  It was excellent and covered some anti-bullying techniques and hubs was given praise for his example of handling it.

Middle school was drama filled in my day, but wow, nothing like my baby endures.

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