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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

More on the Bullying Incident

After kiddo got a day of in school suspension for rough housing with her friend, she went and expressed concern over the other girls constant punching. That girl got a warning.  Really?

Hubs and the principal really had it out.  The principal claimed they were just roughhousing and it wasn't bullying at all. Hubs told her even if it were true, and it clearly wasn't, if kiddo and her friend got ISS, why wouldn't this result in ISS. This is habitual.

2 broken bookbags, 2 broken shoes, lots of punching.

So, hubs called/emailed the resource officer. The principal was not happy about that, but as DH said, "well, would you be happy if your child was bullied and it wasn't handled?". The resource officer was very helpful and while they can't discipline, I think it'll probably shake up the kid enough and maybe the phone call home will help as well and kiddo not get bullied by this girl.

Kiddo had a major meltdown this morning, afraid she'd be considered a snitch and be the victim of worse bullying as a result. I think the resource officer helped with that and he made it very clear to her that us as parents are worried, rightfully and that this was the right thing to do and she's not snitching and can be discreet in how things are handled.

We're suppose to check in with the SRO (school resource officer) in a week and give him an update on whether any more bullying has occurred. In addition, the SRO is going to watch after kiddo a little bit and ensure nobody bugs her.  He had a daughter bullied when she was her age, so he's pretty passionate about it.

Wish us luck.....

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