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Sunday, March 6, 2016

Self Care for Birthday Gift

After feeling so good after going to the paint and pinot session with my BFF, for my birthday I asked to be enrolled in a 1 day painting class.  I took a day off work to take the class.

One of my friends said "I'm shocked! You NEVER do things without your family. You're such a family girl that I can't believe you're going to take a day off and not spend it with your kiddo and hubs"

Yeah, 6 hours was a bit much for me, but overall it was fun.  I'd do it again, but I prefer the 3 hour classes.

Here's the finished product....

I'd love to find a class that me and kiddo could do together.  I think 6 hours is way too long for her, given that it was a little too long for me, but it's relaxing and would be great momma/daughter time.

We shall see.

Kiddo was impressed and said I did a good job.  I was the baby of the class, so everybody elses looked far better.  I was the newbie and most of the class goes every month.

I felt very welcomed though and felt good when I left.

Wish I would win the lottery, be a stay at home mom and be able to do this more often. I don't want to give up my vacation days for days to myself very often. I prefer to hold those for family time.

That said, it's definitely good to do something just for yourself occasionally, to decompress and just be you.

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