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Sunday, March 6, 2016

Growing Up.....

Kiddo is growing up way too quick.

She came home to us at 11 1/2, so that's 11 1/2 years that we didn't get to enjoy our precious little girl.  So much progress in the time she's been here. There isn't a day that I don't think of how much I love this child and how proud I am of her progress.

Sometimes it's 1 step backwards, 2 forward, but that's still an overall forward trend.  We'll take it.

This weekend, the renovations on my mommy's house that we use as rental property for extra income were completed.  Kiddo has always called that "her" house.  It's right next door to us and provides that safety of being next to mom and dad, while still allowing independence.  Granted, she said it'll probably be when she's about 30, because she'll eat our food until then, but she already has said she wants to live next door to us.

I'm so glad that she'll be next door and hope she keeps that goal.  Sometimes it feels like time goes so fast, that there is no way I'll ever get enough of this kid.  She's filled our hearts so completely.

But, as of Monday, this little beauty will be up for rent again and if we're lucky, our renter will last long enough that we don't have to market it again.  Next time we'll leave it empty until kiddo is ready for it.

Kiddo said "It's beautiful, but you should have painted the walls blue".  We told her she can paint the walls blue when she moves in, but for now, these neutral colors were a better idea.

Right next door and hopefully one day this is where kiddo and my grandkids will be and I can spoil them rotten from day 1 and enjoy every little step along the way.

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