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Sunday, March 6, 2016

New Friends

So proud of kiddo.......I know she's been super stressed over the stuff with BFF and it's been evident for awhile, but she's trying to move forward.

Yesterday, she went bowling with a friend from school.  (not the same one that we took with us to the concert and the Nutcracker)

She had a good time and I suspect they may hang out more often going forward.

One of my clients had an event at the bowling alley last night, so about 2 hours later, we went and joined kiddo, her bff and her bff's parents over there.  We all had dinner together and bowled and the girls played games and hung out.  I got to know the mom some so that's good.

Hurray for progress!!

So proud of kiddo for working on developing some new relationships instead of wallowing about in her anger and sadness over missing the one that's been her BFF for the bulk of the time she's lived here.  BFF had "other plans" the last few times she tried to get together and she's tired of asking and being rejected and BFF never asks her over.

Rejection is super hard on kiddo.  After feeling like you're rejected most of your life, to let somebody in so fully and then lose that is definitely a tough pill to swallow.  Friendship drama is hard at this age anyway, add trauma and it makes the coping part a little more of a struggle.

She was a little stressed after getting home, but I suspect that was because of the crowd. She binge ate last night.  It MAY be partially anxiety from not having bff there, but when we arrived, she was definitely enjoying herself.

Here's to new friends, new memories and good times!

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