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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Last Names

Back during the school year, I asked kiddo what her boyfriends last name was. She's known him for a year because that was the same boy that lived where she used to live.  Her response? "I don't know"

A couple other people...."what's their last name?" "I don't know"

I told her then not to "date" people and not even know their name. I didn't think much more about it.

Fast forward to this weekend.....getting ready to get kiddo to do thank you notes for her birthday party. One of the girls that came that she's been friends with all year...."I don't know what her last name is".

At first I shook my head but then this morning it hit me....

of COURSE it's not important to her. She thinks I'm being weird for asking about their last name. I was thinking she was being weird for not knowing, but she's not being weird at all.

After our last name being the 3rd last name she's had and all the trauma around families, of course the last name isn't what's important to her.

My baby really does make sense sometimes.

More on the birthday party shortly....

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