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Thursday, July 10, 2014

Are we pushing our luck?

So, kiddo said the biggest thing about our beach trip fiasco was how crowded it was.  She doesn't do well with crowds and never has.  She said she loved the trip to OBX last year and said she'd like to go there this summer.

We made the reservations. Now she's saying she doesn't want to go.  Reason: length of drive

She said staying home suited her fine. I told her momma really needs a few days somewhere else where I'm not having to clean up constantly.

Today, she said if we can go see her cousin on the way, which would break up the trip and us take her to lunch, the drive wouldn't be stressful and that she does love the beach.

I'd love to be in her head and know what's truly going on. If the beach is *really* an issue (and I have my doubts), then I'd gladly give the trips up for her sanity, but if it's a diversion (which I suspect) and it's something not beach related, then we want to tackle it and move forward.

Ugh!!! If only I had a crystal ball.

We had therapy today. Kiddo refused to talk about anything and was creating as many diversions as possible.

Therapist pulled us aside and said making her talk will not work and it's obvious to her that this new clinginess to us at therapy combined with refusal to talk is fear over having opened up on some of her past and that really, talking about the past wasn't really the important part.  She pulled out the game "Talking, Feeling, Doing" and we all played that.

Initially kiddo refused to play. I said I was going first. Kiddo said no, I said if she wasn't playing, then I was going first, if she was playing, then she could have a say in it.  I went first.  Right after my turn, she jumped in and said she wanted to play too and it went very well.

I have to give props to the therapist. She used her thinking cards to subtly point out how much we love kiddo and how parents show this love.

I answered my questions and did my things honestly and she used mine and hubs answers to point out how this shows our love for her.

It was fun, but I also think it was helpful!!

Kiddo even said a few loving things towards us and when we'd look at her in surprise (sorry), she'd say "turn around and take your turn, I don't know how to do this love stuff, it's getting icky"

CRAZY KID!! Love her dearly!!

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