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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

The Birthday Party

.....was AMAZING.

Kiddos's baby sis showed up shortly after noon and kiddo showed her around the house and showed off the pool, trampoline and swing. Then they came in to eat.

After eating, they went outside and played and played until guests started arriving.

I love watching those girls together.  They are too cute together.

Kiddo got "mad" at me (not truly mad, just a little fuss) because I helped S open her drink instead of letting kiddo do it. S came to me hungry even after cake and chips so we came in together to get her some raw veggies and dip.

They played hard on the trampoline, played with the pups (Lucifer even went for a swim together) and played in the pool even harder. At one point we had FOUR redheads in the pool at the same time. DH said "Acccck, I can't believe we have 4 redheads here at the same time".  S's therapist thought that was hilarious.

S behaved throughout it all and I hear she's been fine since the visit as well, which makes us very happy.  I was so proud of her. At the end, I could tell she was sad about leaving and normally I don't see that on her face at visits, but not a single behavior problem, just a hug and a goodbye.

While I was outside with the girls before the party started, DH was inside talking to S's therapist. S's therapist said S said she's not getting adopted by anybody until it can be us and that's just the way it is.

After everybody left, the BFF stayed the night. We just moved kiddo's bed in the playroom so they'd all have a place to sleep.  We upgraded to a full for kiddo and put the twin in the playroom, so no more on the couch for BFF.  Instead of separate beds, this is what I woke up to find....poor BFF rooted to the bottom by the dog.

Now, on to planning S's birthday.....we get to go down and take her out. Dreading the drive (almost 4 hours each way) but it'll be fun.

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