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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Sex Education

How open are you with your kids?

Kiddo is getting to the point where she's hearing enough outside to question the stuff we've talked about when sharing the birds and bees and wanting to know stuff in more detail.

It's scary finding that spot of honesty, answering the questions without going too deep and traumatizing her and without avoiding and making her feel like it's something wrong.

I'm so glad she feels comfortable asking questions and talking to me instead of getting her information from other teenagers.

I told her I'm glad she talks to me and that if we always are that open with each other, then things can only get better.

The good news is right now she still thinks sex sounds creepy.  :)

Oh, and somehow she wondered if 2 years after marriage was appropriate.

I was so tempted to say yes. ;)

topics she wanted to know about: sex, how and when; masterbation, wet dreams and when they stop for boys and why and what constitutes being a slut. Uh, yeah!!

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