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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Update on adopting the sister

We put C back in therapy to make sure she'd be ready for baby sis to move in.  Her therapist says she is NOWHERE NEAR ready for her sister to move in.

C is very upset that she feels like this is ruining them being back together.

We sent an e-mail to S's worker and said C's therapist feels she can't handle it right now and to continue looking for a home for S and that if C improves and gets okay to not be an only child before S is placed in a forever home, then we'll gladly do it but right now it's just not possible.

We got a response back and let C know that she can relax, what was said and done in therapy didn't change a thing and not to blame herself (because we know she would and has been and that's why being so mean)(

The response:
"I completely understand. Thanks for that heads-up. S is having a difficult time, ever since they changed her meds (in anticipation that out-patient docs would change them), and her biggest trigger is seeing another child receiving attention. So, she is not ready to live with C either, and may never be able to live with any child since that particular trigger seems to result (sometimes) in her becoming physically aggressive to the other child, unprovoked.

It is good for C to go back to therapy since visits will be more regularly scheduled now (hopefully), and since you want to try overnights as soon as the girls are ready for that. Then we’ll see how that goes before planning weekends or anything else. I think we all agree that a lot of caution is necessary. We will continue looking for a home for S in the meantime.

Thanks again"

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  1. Ugh. The sibling stuff is so, so hard. We heard from a caseworker for two of the siblings last week. I've got a post coming about it soon. We do very limited contact with sibs right now because it is just such a big trigger at this time.