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Friday, April 15, 2016

Easter 2016

Easter Weekend kiddo sprained her ankle again.

We still had an amazing time though.  We spent Saturday evening at the emergency room.  Sunday, she was feeling fine though and willing to still go out. We offered to stay home if she wasn't up to going out with her ankle, but she said she could handle it.

We went to the winery for brunch, after the Easter Bunny visited.

The Easter Bunny goes entirely too crazy around here!

Thanks to facebook, yet, a different way of displaying the goods!

I was so proud of her for not gorging on chocolate before we went this year. I'm doubly proud that 2 days ago, there was still candy left (and I'd tried to make sure the bunny didn't go nuts on sweets)

Holidays were triggering early on, but have gotten so pleasant through the years.  Oh, and she looked beautiful in the dress that was her initial Easter dress.  We gave this to her early for her Spring pics at school (at her request). She likes it better than the new Easter dress (as do we)

Last Easter she was in a cast, this Easter, she was in a wrap.  This part is not a tradition we care to keep, the relaxing family time we had, however, I do like.

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