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Saturday, April 9, 2016

Momma/Daughter Time

Back in late 2015, I went to see a specialist about my back pain. I have had degenerative disc disease since about the year kiddo was born (her and I joke that childbirth did it when I had her) and my primary care doc suggested a specialist to see if injections made sense or if he had ideas she hadn't come up with.

When I got there, he was amazing with his quality and thoroughness. He viewed my MRI and said yes, he saw the DDD my primary care doc saw, but that my muscles looked like that's where my pain was and suggested that while the DDD may hurt, it seemed I had muscle fatigue going on and asked me a ton of questions.

Totally made sense and yes, constant fatigue is an issue and it does feel like it's in my muscles more than the bones.

He suggested getting checked for sleep apnea.

In March I had my 2nd sleep study. The first was at home. The 2nd was at the hospital. I had to stay at the hospital all night.

Anxiety ridden at best is the way I'd describe kiddo anytime I have to go out of town on business and stay overnight, so I was certain staying overnight and it being in a hospital would only add to the anxiety. Fear of abandonment gets in that pretty little head.

I explained what was going on and that I was in zero danger of dying and nothing seriously wrong, that we're trying to get me more energy so I can be the best mom possible and less back pain so we can do more things together.  I then suggested since we'd miss a few hours in the evening of time together, that I take some time off work the next day and pick her up after school and us go get our nails done.

Good quality bonding time and being proactive about the anxiety.

I told her it gives me anxiety to be away from her, so I needed it as much as her.

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