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Saturday, April 9, 2016

Maggie Pie Dies and Trauma Rears it's ugly head

Kiddos kitten died the end of March.

We had a couple decent days of looking like she was dealing with it okay, tears, but nothing weird, just normal grief.

Then the grouch came out to visit.

Took a few days, but then we realized, her grouchiness was directed at us in a way that demonstrated she was trying to push us away.

Maggie dying triggered that fear of abandonment and past abandonment all came rushing back.

Kiddo and I had a good talk on the way to school yesterday. The best talks are in the car without eye contact.  When I told her I realized what was going on and that those feelings were normal, it was as if a weight was lifted from her shoulders.

Last night we had a nice family night outside in the gazebo.

Kicking myself for taking a couple days of being mad rather than looking for the need behind the behavior.  If my head wouldn't get so offended personally when I'm pushed away, maybe I could help her deal better.

Progress, not perfection, I suppose.

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