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Thursday, April 14, 2016

Kiddos Career Path

For about 3 years, kiddo has said she wants to be a nurse when she grows up.

Everybody that knows her knows she loves animals more than anything and likes very few people.  Of course that's the case--people keep letting her down. Animals never do.

We went to see Chicago in concert and my cousin is the general manager at the venue the concert took place at. She's also an avid animal lover.  They connected the first time they met over love of animals.

So, my cousin asked her how things were and told her she hoped that she'd be a vet when she grows up, because she loves animals so much and she'd be so good at that.

Kiddos rationale....

She can't be a vet because the first time an animal came in seriously injured, seriously ill or died, would be her last day.

I asked her how she thought she could be a nurse, when she doesn't even like people.

She said "Oh, I'm going to be a pediatric nurse, I like kids, but not as much as animals so I will not get so attached that I can't help them"


can't argue with that logic

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