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Monday, May 2, 2016

Goodwill Find

Kiddo had money burning a hole in her pocket and asked me to take her out shopping. We stopped at the flea market, with no luck and then off to Goodwill, where she spent almost to the penny what she had on silly stuff.

As we were in the line though, something CRAZY caught our eye.  She asked me to see the price because she'd put everything back for it.  It was $48. She had nowhere near that.  She begged me to buy it for her.  I didn't have the money either.

She talked all the way home about it, asking me if I was sure we couldn't get it.

It was cool.

It was awesome.

It was strange.

I wanted it too.

When we got home, she was talking a million miles a minute and telling daddy-o all about it.  He asked me about it and I showed him on e-bay. He asked what I thought about it. I told him I wanted the thing too, but the problem is, I'm not spending $48 for something she's going to put in her room that we all love and not get to enjoy it.

Yeah, he thought it was crazy.

He loved it too.

That day, hubs went to the grocery store and kiddo begged him to stop by Goodwill and pick it up.  He didn't. We agreed to each other that if it was there the next day, we'd get it, but not make an impulse purchase on something so silly.  She didn't know this though.

Later that night, I asked if she wanted to play Mario with me.  She declined.  It made for the perfect setup.

Next morning, hubs runs out real quick to get that item at the store he forgot.  She hadn't forgotten her request though and asked if he'd run to Goodwill.  He raised his eyebrows at her and laughed.

When he came home from the store, he snuck the prized possession into the living room and brought the item from the grocery store in. She said "daddy, where is it?".

Kiddo and I had to run out for a minute and daddy said "Whatever you do, don't look in the seat of the truck, take the trailblazer".  She was convinced he had it there.  As we went out the door, she said "why would he say that, knowing that'd tempt me?".  Since I knew he was playing and it was already in the living room, I played along and said "If you look, I promise I will not tell".

Of course it wasn't there.

When we came back home, she told him there wasn't anything in the truck. He said it was suppose to be, so she ran out and brought in the meds he'd accidentally left behind and said "really?"


an hour or so later, we FINALLY got her to agree to come watch a family movie with us in the living room....Aliens....which is appropriate considering.

We're sitting there and a few minutes in, the squeal......

she notices....

Yeah, an alien lava lamp.
Right at $200 on ebay.

She wondered aloud how long it had been there. Not answering, but playing, I said "Hummmm, maybe somebody should have played Mario with me last night".   She assumed that meant it had been there since the day before.

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