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Saturday, April 18, 2015

Therapy Update

Pychiatrist said last visit that babygirl would need her therapy upped while she's out of school because of the lack of peer interactions while she's out of school.

It really surprised me because I don't see that at all. On the contrary, she's overall been calmer since being out of school.

I took her to therapy this week and the therapist said she thinks he's barking up the wrong tree, that that is generally true for most kids, but for kiddo she could see that being the opposite.

It was a fairly good session.

She whined a little about baby sis not calling her the last few times she was scheduled to call.  The therapist said "I thought you were the big sister, why would you wait on her to call?" Her answer was PERFECT!! She said "I know my momma and daddy will let me call anytime I want, she still needs to learn that about her parents, so I let her call me so she can learn that they'll keep the communication going.

I thought I'd cry. That was perfect.

We also talked about the dad stuff and the food stuff.

Therapist says that kiddo is secure that we will feed her and that she'll never be hungry again and that she suspects it's an emotional eating disorder, not just the fear of not having enough driving the binging and hoarding of food.

Dad stuff is scheduled for next session. She still has a fear of men in general.  Last night it was hot in her room and she wouldn't let me turn her ceiling fan on. She said it's scary at night, and not in the day.. Hubs said the fan's movement looks like somebody hovering above her bed, so that makes sense.

Oddly enough, right after we got home from therapy, I had a message from baby sis's mom asking if she could call baby girl.  Yes!  Yes!!

(her sis sounds so adorable on the phone--I answered the phone and she sounded so cute and I said "I bet you want to talk to your big sister" and she said "Yes.....")

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