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Saturday, April 11, 2015

Family History

When we went to disclosure on kiddo before adopting, we were told family history was a mess, issues on both sides of the family, many overlapping.  We also got her DNA test done on 23andme (highly recommend)

There wasn't anything in the history that was off our list of acceptable, but it was more than the average number of issues.

Last week, baby sis's new parents let us know of a sad turn in things. They stuck it out and kiddo is back home safe and sound with them.

This week, we received an e-mail from baby girls ex-case worker.

The bio mother contacts the case worker fairly frequently to ask about the girls and get updates.  The social worker asks her for updates as well.

More added to the family history....1 of the items was on our no list, but even if kiddo ended up with it, we'd still love her like crazy.  23andme DNA testing has helped alieviate anxiety about things she may or may not end up with and shows what likelihood of ending up with certain things (low for her).  But, more importantly, even though their is a genetic component to the disorders mentioned, there also is an environmental component.  Studies show that a nurturing adoptive home can greatly reduce the risks of certain genetic risk factors.

It's always good to have info though.  It's maddening to fill out paperwork at the doctor and they ask you a question about something you can't answer and have to explain over and over again that she was adopted at 11, it's not like we have a complete history.

It's even more maddening to see kiddo triggered when the doctors staff says "Did her mom have....?" over and over. *I* am her momma, thank you very much. Show the respect to say birth mom and not stress kiddo out.  Usually after correcting the first few times, I just deal with it and kiddo tunes them out.

More history, less mystery. Opposite of love life, but perfect for adoption.

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