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Saturday, April 11, 2015

Baby pics and more

I'm so lucky to have baby pics of kiddo.  Her birth family gave her some baby pics and she had somebody work with her on a lifebook. Her foster parents and her first adoptive parents both added pics as well (although the last year of her life before us is missing).

I'm so grateful for this photos. I've made a baby book of all her photos and look at them on occassion and wish I could have held that cute baby when she was little and prevent all the bad stuff that happened from even happening and showing her love the way she should have known it.

Occassionally though, I'm wistful for weird things.

This week one of my friends kid lost her front teeth.

I found myself wishing that I had kiddos first tooth she lost, that first lock of hair, her homecoming outfit and other silly stuff.

What I do have and count my blessings for:

  • some baby pics I scanned from kiddos lifebook
  • weight and length at checkups for 9 mos, 13 mo, 15 mo, 3 yr, 8 yr and when she got her
  • copies of her baby footprints
  • copies of her first birth ceritifcate, second and final
  • a few milestone markers (1st step, first word, first crawled, first playmate, etc
Some of those things are things I use when she talks about when she was a baby and with us (reconstructing her past to make sense and to focus on the positives).  She'll say "Remember when I first crawled and went chasing Bonkers" and I'll respond with "Yes, you were so cute, 6 months old and the kitty would grab your diaper"

Kiddo used to look thru her lifebook alot, tell me stories about who and what happened when. It's put away for now behind me on the shelf for her to look at whenever she wants to, but she no longer does that. I know it'll be good for her to have though when she's ready and it's helped her make sense of her past and helped us bond as she knows we are not denying her past.

If you're just fostering and no intent to adopt, please help your kids out.  Help them with their lifebook if they don't have an assigned worker to do so, send them to their final home with lots of photos. Your kiddo will appreciate it one day.

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