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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Persistence in everything.....

Have you ever watched Where the Red Fern Grows?  I can't help but admire Billy's determination through it all.
Something that really hit me while watching it though was when he was in grandpa's store and he told him to quit waiting for something to happen (getting his dogs) and meet God half way. Billy started working his butt off to earn his dogs and not only did he get his dogs, but got a discount due to the depression and ended up with a little extra.

Billy wanted those dogs so much that it affected his sleep and all his habits. Given the situation he was in, it would have been so much easier for him to give up. But he was tenacious and earned his dogs....quality dogs and you could see Billy mature through the movie as he set his goal and worked through it. I really, really want to have a family and a little girl to call my own. Here we.....5 failed fertility treatments in 2008 and 2009 and signed up in 2009 to adopt and still waiting in 2012.

Even after he got his dogs, Billy stopped at nothing, staying up forever to chop that big tree down, eventually calling on God for help to knock it down. He was willing to keep on and his persistence had no limits.

How many of us just sit back and wait for what we want instead of working towards our goal? How many of us fail to call on God for help to knock it down? Determination is good for us to have....more than anything.

Having a dream eats at our heart until it's unbearable....want it? Do something about it. It took Billy several years, but he achieved his dream. Without that first step in the right direction, he'd still be without his dogs.

We could take a lesson from this. I'm beyond frustrated with the lack of involvement from our recruiter, but we keep finding kids because we're persistent and one day, one of these will pan out for us.  I hope it's soon.

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