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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Another Year, Optimism Renewed?

Oh, the magical time of the year, New Year to give us a New Hope.   What is it about a new year that gives me hope? Every year that we don't have our dream fulfilled, I think "well, this one is the year". 

Even if 2011 was a good one, there is just something about a clean slate and well, truthfully, 2011 wasn’t a great year for me, so I’m excited about new things to come in 2012.

I keep thinking about this and that, some of which is controllable and others, well, if only our life circumstances would change for the better… getting matched with our kiddo!! This is getting ridiculous. I’d make a resolution on how to achieve that goal if I had any idea what was going wrong.

Wishes just remaining floating in the area and thought we have great hopes, we don’t always take action into fulfilling those wishes. So, 2012….bring it on….let’s work on the controllables!

I read this this week and it cracked me up, but it’s so true: New Years Resolutions are like a baby… to make, but hard to maintain

2012 resolutions:

· Don’t use credit cards except for child or travel, specifically adoption related

· Payoff 2 bills….switching jobs to take care of our non-existent daughter really played havoc on the budget, need to get this in control so we don’t "feel" broke all the time

· Earn top manager bonus in district each month/quarter

· Implement attachment parenting when we find our child and practice it daily, continue to learn on attachment parenting through training, reading and following Last Mom Blog, as well as experience. Last Mom is such an inspiration!

· Spend 10-15 minutes a day on housekeeping so it doesn’t get behind again (what happened over the past 60 days?! Ugh!!)

· Spend at least a couple hours a week doing something I enjoy as a hobby, just for me, that is NOT Farmville!! Farmville takes up way too much of my time. And no, words with friends will not be considered a suitable replacement, nor will any other Facebook games. Perhaps, take the camera around with me and go to lunch occasionally and take a photo safari to spend time with myself. I rarely "go" out of the office for lunch. This could be good for me to focus on trying to enjoy my hobby.

· Eat a fruit or veggie every night with dinner—potatoes don’t count!

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