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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Double Grrrrr!!

Months ago, a precious sibling set of 3 came up for adoption with our agency.  Unfortunately, we're looking more for 1.  They were SOOOOOOOOOO cute though and I felt something for them, so on adoptuskids, I put them on the watch list just to get updates and know they were okay.

Last month, their status changed and the oldest child was removed from the set. The youngest two were placed in a pre-adoptive family and the oldest up for adoption.  We immediately put in our request for our case worker to send our home study.  Bear in mind this was a MONTH ago, EASY!!

Last week, she STILL had not sent our home study in. She said her worker was on maternity leave and not making decisions yet and would send our home study next week when she returned.

Yesterday, on one website she's marked as adoption pending. On another, removed altogether. I'm SOOOOOOOO furious, as is my husband.  I'm at a loss on what to do. There are no other agencies that service our area. She's the only case worker with the agency we deal with.  This journey has been going on for what seems like an eternity.

Is it too much to ask to act in the childs best interests, even if you're not willing to help us?  The child SHOULD have the ability for her worker to review all interested parties and be able to be selective.  Her "hurt parts" are exactly where our strengths lie and yet, we can't even be considered?

I seriously feel like crying now. 

One thing to get turned down for a child you express interest in, another thing altogether to not even be considered.  Seriously? Is this how the system works or is it just our worker?

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