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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

New Years Goals

How did everybody do on their goals last year?  I see alot of people say they don't make new years goals because nobody actually follows them, but you can't reach a goal you can't see.  Doesn't have to be new years, I actually recommend short term goals.  Set mini goals. Make small changes first. The smallest deed is better than the greatest intention. Every day either puts you closer to your goals or further from your goals (even if you maintain your status quo, you're a day further).  Progress, nt perfection.

While we're at it, make those goals smart!! Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Timebound (in the absense of a time frame, my target date is December 31)

Last Years Goals Vs Actual

  • work on attachment parenting, measure of success will be decreased meltdowns and increased communication
    • meltdowns actually probably increased slightly, but they were more productive and resulted in further healing.  As visits with sis increased, anxiety also increased. On a positive note, one of the teachers said we should have more kids because there should be more kids like ours :)  Given that in 5th grade, teachers were running from her in the grocery store when they saw us, I'm counting this as a success

  • be the best wife I can for hubster by listening and spending more time together
    • Failed miserably in this area

  • Reduce size by 1 dress size minimum for year
    • my weight has essentially maintained for the year, as has my size

  • Payoff at least 1 bill to make more disposable income to enjoy our 'lil family
    • actually, paid off 2 (more, but opened one back up), however, still no more disposable income yet because of job change and renter moving out in April and didn't replace the tenant until November

  • do more as a family than Friday night dinners
    • we went to several movies, Amazement Square, concerts, Safari Park drive thru zoo, 2 beach trips, Short Pump, Dave & Busters, Build a Bear, zoo, dolphin watching, Bowling, Nutcracker, Atlanta and lots of activities there, Cirque du Soleil, put in a gazebo with firepit and did weiney roasts....overall, pretty happy with our choices here

  • Get kiddo into activity for self esteem as well as distraction from stressing over her baby sis
    • we got her into softball, she ended up quitting that due to bullies, working on finding replacement for 2015

  • make sizable bonus for 2014 and participate in monthly incentives every month
    • well, I changed jobs, but it's looking up!! Changing jobs was better decision than sticking it out and making bonuses there, even if it required forfeiting several months of bonus opportunities while waiting on my branch to actually open

  • be a good leader for my team at work
    • again, changed jobs, picked my own team, we're one of the tops in the company, so I'm guessing this one is a success

  • start savings account for kiddo
    • totally forgot I made this goal, ouch!!

  • consistent savings for us, $1 first week, $2 second, etc.
    • acck!! I suck!! lol

  • Contribute to an area of passion (ie, kids backpack program, holiday gifting for kids in need, foster support)
    • renewing our foster license so we can provide respite for the baby sis
    • did holiday gifting
    • inquired on kids backpack program and leader has promised to contact us with more details on how to proceed

  • Be the best me that's possible
    • Always room to improve, but also did better than normal.  I went outside my box. I took risks.  I lead.  Changed jobs and showed my daughter it's not okay to be abused, even verbally.  Made compromises that improved the overall quality of life.

I'll be back shortly with this years goals!

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