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Thursday, December 25, 2014

She ate Santa's cookies

When a child is most undeserving of love is when she needs it the most.

Words to remember.

She's been driving us nuts for about a week now, after such a pleasant calm.

I'm trying to remember she's creeping up on the time with us that matches the time with her last disruption.  She treats us worse because losing us would hurt too much.  It's too risky to be vulnerable enough to let herself be loved as she creeps upon this traumaversary, so she's trying to be unloveable.

In a weird way, I guess it's a compliment.

How terrible it must be to live in such fear though.  I wish her brain was okay with being loved and loving back all the time, not just sometimes.

Yeah, she ate Santa's cookies, raw, uncooked dough plus the ones we had fixed. Poor Santa, but poor Kiddo for feeling the need to mess with tradition and test limits.

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