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Saturday, October 20, 2012

The toddlers fell through, but GREAT News on the "mini-me".

The child that looks exactly like me at that age, we interviewed on last Monday and yesterday we were invited to come see her file next Thursday, talk to them and ask questions and meet her if we wanted.

Of course we want!!

Our adoption worker told them no to meeting her though.  They said they think it's better to review her file, take some time to digest and meet her on another day.

Either way, we've gotten this far.  I'm sad that our worker stopped the visit for this week and it's not going quite as fast. I'm happy though that we're obviously top pick.  Our worker said for them to allow us access to all that information means that we're the ones.

After the Princess H incident back in March, we're not trusting it and calling it a match until after we sign the adoptive agreement.

But all signs point to SUCCESS!!!

We're going to be parents to a little girl that looks EXACTLY like me and loves dogs!! The loves dogs was very important and apparently she finds it essential that her adoptive home have a dog.

Can't wait for the adoption to be final and give her her own puppy as a celebration present!

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