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Saturday, October 6, 2012

more about signs

Oh well, it's definitely not a "sign" on the last child. She may be the right one, but using signs, it could be her or it could be the one I was contacted about Friday.

Back in June, we'd inquired on 2 girls, one of those is the one I wrote about in my last post. I assumed her younger sister was placed.  It turns out we're ALSO in contention for her. They will not be placed together, but we're being considered for both separately.

So, yeah, that means HER interview is ALSO on mommys birthday.

Oh yeah, but what about the fact that the older sister is the mirror image of my 6th grade picture? Well, younger sister has the name that hubby and I picked out when we were doing fertility treatments. How crazy.

When I called him to tell him they said they'd also talk to us about her and that she wasn't placed yet and we're still in the running, his comment was "cool, how appropriate, she has the right name". lol

We have to find humor where we can.
One thing about the journey, without humor, you certainly can't make it.

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  1. I found your blog from the adoption forums and just wanted to mention that I am *totally* with you as far as "signs" go. Our kiddos are 2 and 3. The two-year-old's name is a shorter version of a name my husband and I decided on for a son, and the three-year-old's name has a longer version of a name I've loved since I was younger (but wouldn't use, because it's my brother's girl-friend's name). They also look like us, and people that don't know us comment on how much we all look alike.

    It astounds me. We couldn't have "made" kids this perfect. So yes, I believe in signs. Whether or not they're real, or merely a figment of our desires and expectations, I don't care. Fostering/adopting is a very emotionally charged endeavor - use whatever makes it possible for you to survive the wringer.

    Best of luck to you tomorrow! I hope your forever family is in your reach.