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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Hopelessly in Love

Every long night waiting on our child....
every heartbreak and tear along the way....

yep, EVERY one, will all be worthwhile when this one works out.

So afraid to be optimistic after all the weird stuff and heartbreak we've run into. 

Visit went well today. I was a bundle of nerves and I'm sure she was too, but somehow, for me, it went away the second she came in.

We left bright and early this morning and travelled nearly 4 hours to review files with her adoptive worker.  After we finished reviewing her info, we took a break and reconened a couple hours later with her therapist. They said if we were sure we wanted to proceed, we could see her for a few minutes.  The logic was that she needs to know they are actively seeking the best parents possible for her and wanted to give her a few minutes to see what was up and ask any questions. 

This was the best few minutes of my life to date.

(oh, and I had no idea how much like our family she looks--it's crazy how much like my niece she looks--I'm so giving my brother a hard time and asking if he's been running around, heehee)

After the incident in March, I'm still distrustful and afraid to believe it'll actually happen, but wheeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! I actually am fairly optimistic, lol

They warned us to be very patient though, that she'd take quite a few visits before she'd be ready to visit here and a few more before moving in.

We're going to have some long, frequent road trips, but she's so worth it!!!

Please dear Lord, do NOT let this fall thru.  My heart will break in a million pieces and if this falls through like H did in March, I don't think I'll be able to recover to pursue adopting. At that point, we would have to give up. 

That said, I really do believe she's OUR DAUGHTER and this WILL work out.

We'll know for sure within the week that we're officially picked. 

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