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Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Simple Pleasures

I love that our child isn't materialistic.

She loves gifts, but it really is about the thought for her.

Her love language is even gifts, but it's about the thought behind the gift and that somebody thought of her while out.

Last year, we got her a 42 inch tv for Christmas, and make a tv room out of her playroom for her.  As much as she loved it, she really got super excited over the Pamper Your Dog kit.  See, most people like TV's, including her, but Pamper Your Dog speaks to her as an avid pet lover and a potential future pet spa owner.

This year, hubs was so thrilled because he found the perfect geek gift for her.....the Amazon Echo. She loves it, has a ball asking it silly questions, enjoys having it play any music she wants anytime she wants, but her favorite gift.....a Shawn Mendes pillow.  Her doll had a note "Baby Mendes", which she loved so much because it proved we were paying attention to who her crush is. Everybody would love the geek gift.  The pillow and naming the baby proved we're "into her".

My silly girl!! I love her so much and love that she doesn't have entitlement mentality. She's way more spoiled that most kids as far as what she gets and way less spoiled in what she expects.  I tell her all the time that's why she is rotten, because she appreciates things and doesn't have unrealistic expectations.

She asked for a hoodie, a real looking baby (she now collects dolls), a stuffed Alvin (because she had a stuffed Alvin when she was little and wasn't able to take it with her when she was removed from the bios home) and an Olaf music box.  It was pulling teeth to get her to ask for that much. She's always responding with "You know the type things I like".

She doesn't sit inside playing video games all the time, she enjoys sitting outside on the gazebo in the fresh air with her pups (and mp3 player for the music, but who doesn't love music?)

We have vacation planned and her big excitement isn't about the out of the ordinary stuff, but the stuff like the tire swing in the backyard at the cottage we'll stay at, the hammock

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