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Monday, December 28, 2015

Best Friend Drama

Not even sure where to start with this.

Think I mentioned before, the disagreement with hubs and BFF's mother.  It's put some unnecessary tension and new boundaries that weren't there before.

BFF's mom has forbid BFF from talking to hubs on facebook (although what that has to do with the situation is beyond me, it didn't involve her daughter at all, but I digress....)

Obviously, if he wasn't allowed to talk to her, that meant we took a different friend on our adventures.  BFF was  not amused and said "She's allowed to talk to him, just not on facebook"


Anyway, kiddo has found that she really enjoys this other friend and said she's realizing now that BFF is trying to grow up too quick and she actually has more in common with this new friend and new friend doesn't trigger her.

It was so much fun listening to them play "Marry, kiss or kill" in the backseat on our trips.  Even more fun to hear "Spongebob and popstars" as some of the choices.

Quite a difference.

Kiddo is quite worried about the other BFF though, as are we.  Time will tell if she comes clean.,  Until recently BFF had pretty much ignored kiddo, hence her not trying to get them to work things out vs finding another friend to go places.

Kiddo was a little wonky for awhile until BFF finally started talking again, but BFF is hot and heavy with the boyfriend and Char isn't amused, so she's no longer struggling with that, just worry that BFF will do something stupid.

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