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Saturday, November 14, 2015

A fish named Blue

After the traumatic news that baby sis would not be returning to her former family, we met up with the mom to pick up the rest of her stuff so we can get it to her when she's ready for it.

One of the "things" is a fish named Marcus. Kiddo has promptly fallen in love with the fish and re-named it Blue.  I can see right now that after the fish is returned to baby sis, our child will have to have a replacement fish for her room.

The timing could not have been better though.

Recently, we were notified that the pyschiatrist kiddo has seen the entire time she's been with us left the practice.  No info why or where he went.  We weren't particularly stressed, because I had noticed she always sits in the seat furthest from him when we go there.  That told me she'd never formed a connection, he was just a means to get the prescriptions she needed.

We went and met the replacement psych.  That was a bad mix. We will have to get a new one. This one went beyond not particularly liking, but absolutely triggered by her.  Tears, shut down, etc in the car right afterwards until the fish.

Pets are so soothing.

(and since then, we have reassured her, we will find another psych and she will not have to see that one)

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